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Default Re: Nvidia 6800GT SLI investigation

Originally Posted by BrianG
I have found the Doom3 profiles to be a bit touchy. I had an issue where SLI was disabling under the 71.89s if I just ran nHancer. I had to reinstall the drivers after using Driver Cleaner to fix the issue.

I had this issue as well (with nHancer). Right now I found a permanent fix - I got NiBitor and NVFlash, saved BIOS from my first card, modded its voltage to 1.5V and made a BIOS to overclock both cards to 460/1180, switched OFF overclocking in Windows, flashed both cards with this modded BIOS (they had the same stock BIOS before), and Doom 3 is now working in SLI with any drivers I've tried (71.89, 77.13, 77.30).

Seems reflashing BIOS and overclocking at BIOS level (not Windows) helped a lot And I am able to use nHancer as well..
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