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Default Total GLX failure on RH 8.1 (Phoebe)

I have been trying to install the 4191 drivers under Phoebe without success. I had the 3123 installed in RedHat 8.0 without problem. I even tried the 3123 drivers under Phoebe, and they don't work. When I try to rpmbuild from the source, this is the error that I get at the end :

Could not open %files file /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/${RPM_PACKAGE_NA****-${RPM_PACKAGE_VERSION}-${RPM_PACKAGE_RELEASE}/debugfiles.list : No such file or directory

Towards the beginning of the rpmbuild run, there is an error displayed, but the rpmbuild keeps going :

/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.96346: line 35 : [: too many arguments

I have no idea what this means. Anyways, then I attempted to install from the .tar.gz files. These compiled cleanly and without error. However, when I reboot, the graphical login will not show ( X won't start ). And there is only a single line at the end of the XFree86.log file that says that the GLX module was being initialized. And then that the server halted with an exit code 11. No other errors.

To make a long story short, I had to comment out the 'Load "glx"' line in my XF86config file in order to get X to start.

However, now I can't really do anything related to GLX (like play games)... since the module isn't loaded.

Someone please help me. I can't be the only one who has seen this problem. Or if the problem can't be solved, then please tell me how I can get back to a vanilla state again. Thanks!

-- Rick Grashel

Kernel 2.4.20-2.2
Athlon XP1900+
512Mb PC2100
Elsa Gladiac 511 (GeForce2 MX/400 - 64Mb)
MSI Mobo
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