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Originally posted by netviper13
There is no possible way to get out of the fact that, at launch, the 8500 drivers were complete pieces of crap. They crashed most people's systems, and for the ones they worked on there were many features that didn't work.
Typical blowing things out of proportion. The fact is that Smoothvision was the only feature not working in its final form (AA was there, and working, just not refined yet).

Crashed most people's systems? Yeah, I love it when people read dozens of posts about people systems crashing, and assume that the thousands upon thousands that didn't have a problem and didn't take the time to write and say so must have crashing systems as well.

Look... the 8500's release drivers weren't the greatest, but system crashing and game bugs were still isolated incidences. The drivers out just one month later corrected nearly all remaining issues. Since then, the drivers have focused primarily on performance. You act as if it has taken a year to get good drivers for the 8500, and that is simply not the case. The release drivers were good (as bug free as the detonator version I installed here on my work compter... tell me about system crashes, sheesh), the first updated ones were better, and the new ones are faster.
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