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Default GeForce FX5500 crashing

I have been having this problem for awhile, randomly, without any pattern, or error messages, my system crashes to a black screen and the monitor power starts blinking, indicating that it isn't getting any signal. The only way to get the system running again is with a cold boot, restarting doesn't do it.

I don't really know that it is the video card at fault, but it is the only thing that comes to mind. The connections are tight, and the card is well seated in it's slot. I installed the latest Nvidia drivers for my system (71.89). Although the problem has worsened with these drivers, I'm not certain that they are the cause. If anyone has any ideas, I could sure use them.


Windows XP Pro SP2
MSI K8T Neo 2F 939 Mobo
PNY Verto GeForce FX5500
KDS XF7s monitor

PS I run a dual boot with Linux, and so far this hasn't happened, so a hardware problem seems unlikely.
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