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Yes, those framerates are just fine. You do have 3D acceleration.

There's no need for "all the options in a dropdown GUI interface". Reading through the README and using those options in the config file works just fine...

Besides, even if someone did write a GUI interface for those options, it would be specific to:

a) the drivers (well, the fact that they're nVidia and not DRI or whatever else that's really cross-platform, or ATI's)
b) the specific version of driver that you're running
c) your kernel version, in some cases
d) whether you use agpgart or nvagp or no AGP, in some cases with some hardware
e) probably others I haven't thought of yet...

If any of these changes, the codebase of this configurator thingy would have to change to accommodate it. Which is non-trivial at best...
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