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i understand but a lot of users would switch to linux
if it was just little bit simpler to set up
it took me 2 days to figure everything up where I could of been working on the project.
Anyways i am still finding Windows XP pro to be faster for 3d period just because it has those options that are easily tuned no need to restart ether.
Well if they have the gui for like resolution and driver selection why not add just few more options it would be that hard i am sure for someone that knows more linux then me. Besides it could support all the kernel and stuff from certain version and up.
I like the idea that Gnome has that options so u dont have to type that in the text editor ... its just time consuming to have to dig tru the code but then again its linux way.

anyways i am interested in some numbers from other people on here when running that gfxgears
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