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Default Re: Battlefield 2 Benchmark

Originally Posted by anzak
Because im trading it for a 6800GT and $50 (USD). Its a performance downgrade, but I feel that FP16 blending and SM3.0 will make the card more future proof. I also know that the card will do 400/1.1 with stock cooling and voltages.

Does AF work on nVidia cards? It didn't my my X800XT.
Yes, and it looks great.

I've been screwing around with the settings for some time now and I found a setup I am pleased with. With the game at default settings, I just changed the "Textures" option to medium from high. The rest remain the same as I cannot see any great benefit from altering: Dynamic Shadows, Dynamic Lighting and Lighting is defaulted at medium already.

In the nV control panel, I am running High Quality - 2QxAA/8xAF - vsync on and it runs real smooth.

My system consist of a P4 2.8 @ 3.4 - 1GB DDR400 - BFG 6800GT/OC

I've also set my swapfile size down to 2mb minimum - 10mb maximum. Seems to quit to desktop alot faster as well.
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