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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

i play everyday for about an hour at 5-ish mountain time. and the weekends, i have no idea when i pay, but i uslayy squeeze in a few hours.

right now i am ni the crystal desert. i have been to all the small towns, and i am in the Dunes of Dispare waiting to do the mission.

i will say that the underworld is awesome. wow, those monsters are nuts.

and pvp isnt too bad. i am 100% fire ele (my necro stopped being used) and i was doing great. everyone says air magic is the way to go, but i think anyone can be good with any class if they are familioar with what is effective in pvp.

i think, i'll just get rid of my elemental armor and get some aeromancer armor, just for pvp, so i have a little extra protection
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