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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

I've heard of some really cheezy tactics in PvP..

a group of, air elementals I believe? and a few necro's to help feed them energy.. so like the group of 6 air elements focus their cold nuke spell on one guy at the same time.. each does like 120 points of damage. 720 points of damage, and blam, just about guaranteed kill for anything.

Then another one is necro's and rezing monks.. 1 min of prep time.. Necro's hit blood is power over and over so their health drops down to nothing, while they are holdinga vampric weapon.. they die.. other necro calls up the bone minions.. monk rez's.. repeat process. After a min of doing this over and over, with a few necro's and monks, they have a whole army.. lol
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