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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by superklye
I LOVE my fire spells. My ranger picks off guys from afar while my bro is hacking them up and then I can cast rain of fire (or whatever it's called) and take out a group if he's being mobbed. It's beautiful.

since you are a fire mage as well... i dont know wehat spells you have aquired. but here is my skill bar.. and it hasnt let me down yet..

1. fire attunment - 30% everygy back for each fire skill cast

2. immolate - better than incendieary bondscause it is instant, does initial damage, and burns them for 3 seconds. and recharges faster and only 10 energy

3. pheonix - far away, it does the same damage as fireball, but up close it does double damage

4. meteor - casts fast and knocks them down

5. firestorm - good after i cast number 6.

6. meteor storm - good cause it doesnt let them run away cause they are falling down. works well if firestorm is cast right afetr cause they keep getting hurt.

7. lava font - hurt enemies that get close for 5 seconds. works well with number 2 and 3.

8. fireball - incase the baddies are far away
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