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Unhappy Re: Reduced Blanking on DVI-D

Thanks for the response...

Originally Posted by davemoore
1. The previous version of the Linux driver (7174) was not very strict about maximum pixel clocks over DVI. For me, that driver claims my maximum pixel clock is 400 MHz, so with it you may be able to "just do it".
I'm not at home now and the machine is off so I can't grab the Xorg.0.log file, but I vaguely remember that the maximum pixel clock of 4000Mhz applies to the analog/VGA output. I can get things to work in analog. I just don't want to.

Originally Posted by davemoore
2. You may want to see if adding
Option "IgnoreEDID" "yes"
helps. Sometimes a new modeline won't be recognized without it.
I have used this option, but it doesn't seem to help with my problem. This allows me to ignore the EDID reported vertical and horizontal frequency requirements of the monitor. It doesn't seem to convince the driver/Xorg to ignore the DVI Single Link bandwidth constraint though.

Thanks for the ideas. Got any others?
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