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The pte_offset function isn't being declared before it gets used in nv.c.

This means that either nv.c was never including the correct headers (which isn't the case, since it works for a bunch of other people), or the header that the pte_offset function was declared in has changed and nVidia hasn't updated their nv.c file to reflect this change yet. However, that is very unlikely.

In the 2.4.20 vanilla kernel-source that I have, pte_offset is #defined to be something else in include/asm-<arch>/pgtable.h. Once you've configured a kernel (aka run make {menu,old,x,}config), you get a symlink to asm-<arch> named asm, so if you've done that (you said you compiled a vanilla 2.4.20, right?), you can just look at include/asm/pgtable.h and (hopefully) find the definition.

I'd say try this all under a vanilla 2.4.20 kernel again, and make sure that the correct directory is being searched with -I (should be /lib/modules/2.4.20/build/include, as long as uname -r prints 2.4.20).
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