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Default Re: 7664 and 1600x1200 (maximum pixel clock?)

This seemed like a great idea (to use the nv driver to determine the correct Modeline settings and then place that into the xorg.conf file and try the nvidia driver). So I did this and got the following Modeline for my Dell 2000FP monitor:

Modeline "1600x1200" 162.00 1600 1664 1856 2160 1200 1201 1204 1250 +hsync +vsync

I also get the following output in my Xorg.log file from the nvidia monitor at version 7174

(II) NVIDIA(0): Clock range: 12.00 to 400.00 MHz

However, under the new 7664 driver, the equivalent information output line is

(II) NVIDIA(0): Clock range: 12.00 to 135.00 MHz

Thus, it rejects the Modeline and I cannot achieve 1600x1200. Note I also tried the NoBandWidthTest option and it did not help.

I can get 1600x1200 using the nv driver, but no dvi only analog screen.

So, for now I am back to the 7174 driver again.
J D Freels
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