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If you're getting about 2000 errors, then you almost assuredly don't have kernel-source installed. And incidentally, it's not libraries in the kernel (the kernel doesn't even have libraries as such), it's the definition of various internal-to-the-kernel functions that the nVidia drivers need to be able to get the declarations for. To do this, they need the header files from a configured kernel-source package that matches (version-wise and configuration-wise) the running kernel.

kernel-source should be somewhere on RedHat's FTP site. Get the -19.8.0 version. Once you install it, it will very likely create a /usr/src/linux directory (actually, linux will be a symlink to linux-2.4.18-19.8.0, but that's not important), so cd to that directory. Then, do a cd configs/, and see what's there. Copy the config file that matches your hardware to .., then cd .. and run make mrproper oldconfig dep to do the configuration. It should be all automatic. When you get a shell prompt back, go to the nVidia kernel directory and do a make clean NVdriver, then if that works, do a make install as root.
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