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This is version of X. However, this is RedHat's 8.1 beta (Phoebe). So they are releasing it for testing purposes.

Because of this issue, I think I've decided to go back to RH8.0 on my desktop. I think I will wait until the NVIDIA drivers are proven to compile under the newer kernels (2.4.20+) and under the newer versions of X (4.2.99).

It just seems like people are having way too many problems getting these drivers to compile with newer systems. And if the 2D performance sucks anyways... what is the point?

Although, I have to say, I find it quite annoying that a graphics driver would have to be recompiled under a new kernel... especially if the kernel didn't change anything related to the driver itself. It seems very counterintuitive and nonsensical.

It reminds me of the old Windoze OSes where you had to REBOOT the system simply because you changed a network setting as trivial as the IP address. Same kind of thing.

Ah well. Back to 8.0. Thanks for all your input.

-- Rick
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