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Originally posted by lordpil
hi, i just posted a question about compiling on phoebe myself...

i am interested since you seem to have gotten the kernel driver to compile at least? i cannot get it to compile at all...
I am running Phoebe 8.0.92. As a rule, I *never* install the kernel sources with the initial install. For some reason, I have had much better luck compiling things into the kernel if I manually install the kernel AFTER the initial installation.

In this case, my steps were as follows:

1) Install RH 8.0.92 and reboot.
2) Insert my RH CD #3.
3) Go to the RPMS directory.
4) rpm -Uvh kernel*.rpm
5) download the *.tar.gz of the glx and the kernel files
6) extract the two. make all the kernel and the GLX driver.
7) Make the necessary changes to XF86Config
8) Reboot.

After reboot, X should fail to start. An odd message will be displayed in the XFree86.log file saying that the X server halted with a exit code 11... while initializing the GLX driver.

In the console, log in and go to the XF86Config file... comment out the "Load 'glx'" line. Reboot. X should start. But you will (of course) not be able to run anything using GLX extensions (which defeats the purpose of installing the driver to begin with).

I did go through a process of elimination with the SRPMs and finally got the above steps to work. However, no GLX... even still. Hope that helps.

-- Rick

P.S. The *last* step in the process is to re-install RedHat 8.0.
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