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Default Re: Unofficial Guild Wars Build Suggestion Thread

Originally Posted by zoomy942
okay, my build is a Fire Ele/Death Necro. The role i enjoy is dealign as much damage as fast as possible and disabling the enemy. For most of the game, i would raise undead minions in an effort to keep the enemy grouped together while i AoE'ed them. As i have progressed, I find that my necro minion skills are not as useful because i am able to deal alot more damage.

I am having a tough time deciding what class to choose once i ascend. but i will say that anyone thinking of benig a caster, choose the elementalist. having Energy Storage as an updating attribute is great. I have a ton of energy.

My Warrior/Monk at this time: LVL 16

Healing - 8
Smiting- 3
Strength- 7
Swordmaship- 10 (8 +2 with runes)

Sprint: Move 25% faster for 11 seconds
Sever Artery: Foes Bleeds for 18 seconds
Gash: foes takes 8 points of damage and looses 20% health fo 15 seconds
Galrash Slash: does +27 damage
Final Thrust: does +27 of damage, if foe is less then 50% health it does +54 damage
Baltazars Spirit: get energy and adrenaline each time I take damage- decreased energy regeneration by 1 arrow.
Mending: Health Regeneration of 3, decreased energy regeneration by 1 arrow.
Restore Life: raise dead allies with 39% health and 68% energy.

My strategy:
Enchant myself with Mending and Balthazars Spirit, this will make my energy regeneration a zero, but I get energy everytime I take damage, so energy is not a problem during fights. I then use sprint to get to the foes quicker, so they'll concentrate on me rather them my party members. I use Sever Artery, Gash, Galrash Slash, and Final Thrust to take down foes quickly. If the party monk gets attacked I concentrate on the attacking foe. If the monk dies, I use Restore life to raise the monk back to life and try to lead any foes away from the monk.
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