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Default Re: GF6 and GF7 in the same forum?

Originally Posted by |JuiceZ|
I'm not really ready to put the Geforce 6 series in a seperate forum just yet but we'll definitely keep them outta the legacy section. See how it goes for a couple of weeks and based upon the number of threads opened for either series we'll go from there. My primary concern is just to keep the overall total number of forums down here since as you can see there's already a lot. Too many forums can unnecessarily information around and make it hard to find things, thats what I want to avoid
I hear ya, whatever makes it easier. Just as long as GF6 stays out of legacy, I'd almost feel insulted

Originally Posted by Ruined
I think you should keep them together.

But instead of GeForce 7 Series! Change the name to GeForce 6 & 7 Series
Ya that's probably a good idea
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