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Default Re: It's hard to believe...

Originally Posted by superklye
haha, i know right? And up until a week ago, this was top of the line.

This used to make my system seem crappy. I'd run out and buy the latest card the day they came out. I was like this till about a year and a half ago.

I've finally realized that my system is still plenty powerful for me, at least now that graphics technology has become so powerful.

I think the NV40 has a good chunk of life left. PS 3.0, they're tremendously powerful even in the light of the new cards, the drivers are extremely stable and the image quality is excellent.

I am really loving this card still, and plan to until either A: The new generation is down to $400 to higher end parts, or B: the following generation utterly anihilates the console chips.

Either way, yet again, the consumer wins.
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