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Default Re: It's hard to believe...

Originally Posted by Shadowcast
This used to make my system seem crappy. I'd run out and buy the latest card the day they came out. I was like this till about a year and a half ago.

I've finally realized that my system is still plenty powerful for me, at least now that graphics technology has become so powerful.

I think the NV40 has a good chunk of life left. PS 3.0, they're tremendously powerful even in the light of the new cards, the drivers are extremely stable and the image quality is excellent.

I am really loving this card still, and plan to until either A: The new generation is down to $400 to higher end parts, or B: the following generation utterly anihilates the console chips.

Either way, yet again, the consumer wins.
Aye, that's very true.

I'm waiting to upgrade my graphics card until I get a dual core A64 setup some time next year. There is no point for me to get another card that is even more powerful than this one, when the 6800GT isn't even being used to its full potential. I can't game higher than 1280x1024 and I've got an Athlon XP 3200...the bottleneck is definitely my CPU, not the graphics card.

Plus, I want to wait and see what nVIDIA has to say about the r520. They've GOT to have something up their collective sleeve to smite that core when it comes out.
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