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Default Re: How i can see the temp of my 6800gt card!

thanks for reply

ok my home temp 33-35 \ CPU speedfan 1622 ( i think its low -stock fan coming witm AMD cpu)
what motherboard do you have?
i want ur opinion about this cooler from ASUS (ASUS STAR ICE (BLUE) 80mm Ball Cooling Fan)
I wont comment on that, coz i havent seen, heard anyone even speakin about it...

personally i would buy this:

these make a HUGE difference. almost everyone who has it, is more than satisfied with it!

Ya that gigabyte card comes with a sensor (well, genrally 99% of them do come). as i mentioned in the earlier post, you need that software to check the temps. its called v-tuner 2 plus!
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