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Default Re: Reduced Blanking on DVI-D

Originally Posted by haynold
I only wish I could help more! I know how annoy these kinds of problems can be. Unfortunately, I think the feeling is all too common...

Originally Posted by haynold
Thank you all for your help. With the "ExactModeTimingsDVI" setting and the proprietary driver it works, but only kind of. When the image is still, all works fine. But when there is motion on the screen (e.g. the screensaver, a flick, or stupid animated banner ads) the areas in question start to flicker ("snow" in either red, green, or blue) like crazy.
I'm definately guessing some here, but that sounds to me like the kind of thing that you would see if you are driving the card too close to the limit or if the timing is close to what the monitor supports, but not close enough. I don't really have any good suggestions tho. Sorry...

Originally Posted by haynold
This experience, in all honesty makes me think about dumping my few nVidia shares and shorting some, too. The outrageously expensive (albeit older) Quadro card that came with my workstation would take special DVI adapters but support DVI only at a ridiculously low resolution which few Quadro users would actually want to use. The new card I got can be tricked into driving a pretty standard upscale DVI screen, but only when there is no motion in the image and only using an old version of the driver and an exotic driver option. And I'm being told by people who definitely know what they're doing that it doesn't work under Windows either. This in the year 2005. Does anyone know a graphics card, reasonably priced if possible, that can actually do 1920x1200/reduced blanking over DVI under Xorg without trouble?
It really is sad that it doesn't just work. I'm sure the non-early adopters will have it easier in a few years. In the meantime, it would be nice if the vendors (on both ends, monitor/LCD and graphics card) would more prominently publish their compatibility. I'm a big fan of nVidia due to their Linux driver support, but I have seen a lot of people posting that these things "just work" with ATI. I can't say myself...I've always done the nVidia thing.

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