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Originally Posted by carkis
I haven't lost a duel to a rogue since I hit 60. It's revenge for all the defeats up till now! I even respecced to fury/prot and squeaked by my last one using shield & 1h. Arms is definitely the way to go ... I miss improved overpower with deep wounds. Dual wield and 1h spec are nice for mobs, but I'm totally gimped in pvp. Lost tactical mastery and I miss it so much. I'm probably going back as soon as the next patch hits, although the new fury blood thirst might turn out pretty sweet.
In the lower lvls warriors get their arss kicked by rogues. I stared beating rogues in a regular basis when I hit 60. I am arms fury or was arms fury. Just as soon as a rogue dodges overpower kicks the crap out of them and my polearm deals so much damage that it ain't funny and it is only a blue.

BTW with fury/proc you get stun so of course you have just as much chance at winning a rogue as I do with my dps.
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