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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

it depends. i dont use my secondary very often, but i am an ele primary so i have lots of options within that. i am a necro secondary, and i have less use for that. in your situation, a warrior/necro would be okat cause you could use Well Of Blood. it is a healing skill that exploits a corpse and creates an area where all allies get a health regen. or you could use soul feast, which gives you an instant health amount (up to 150 or so)

be aware that those only work if you have corpses. for a chunk of the middle of the game there arent many corpses around. but before and after that there are plenty.

so, all in all, check into what each secondary class would offer a warrior, cause a good hybrid warrior is awesome. by the way, keep an eye on what secondary classes use alot of mana, since you wont have much.
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