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Did I miss something or has no one come up with a real solution? The horizontal line X crashes occur for me (RedHat 8.0, k2.4.18-7.80, nvidia driver 1.0.4191, Quadro2 Pro) perhaps once a month on one of 4 identical computers. I'm not sure if its video playing related, as i'm not always the one using the computer when X goes down. Changing to init 3 is not an option, as these are lab computers. I've very happy with the 3d acceleration of the nvidia drivers, both for tuxracer and for real work, however this crashing thing is really annoying. Its certainly window-manager nonspecific, as it happens for people using kde, enlightenment, and fvwm2. The machines use gdm as the login manager, and its does a pretty good job of restarting itself, but you still loose all your work and open windows. Is there a way to get any crash information that would help debug this problem? It appears to be fairly common, and really the only black spot on an otherwise great driver.
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