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Originally posted by Thunderbird
The only way are timedemos. When you use timedemos you will see that linux and windows are about as fast.
Er.. ok. So the fact that while I'm in the base on the map in windows and the fps is locked at it's cap, but in linux it's 15-25fps below that won't show up on a timedemo? Just for you I'll record a short demo tonight and timedemo it in windows and linux and post the results. Please don't take offense, but your logic makes no sense.

To the person that mentioned pageflipping.. yeah when I saw that option in the config I was like "Yes! that's the problem!" and I set it to "True". Reading further the docs say it defaults to true. doh.

*EDIT* The timedemo results are in:
WindowsXP: 1669 Frames, 21.4 Seconds: 78.0 FPS
Linux: 1669 Frames, 39.8 Seconds: 42.0 FPS
Just to clear up that the slowness is not in my head.
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