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Default Re: Finally in Auto Assault Beta!

Originally Posted by |White|Mute|
seems like they're taking it Seriously.

I'm ok with people having the opportunity to beta test a MMORPG and be more skilled when the game goes live,that seems fair because of the fact that they were contributing to the bug elimination/game balance process.but it hurts when you loose big moments of the game when you are not a beta tester like the Rikiti Crash incident that happened at the end of CoH beta.

totally unfair I wanned to see that too.IMO they shouldnt throw incidents in betas instead announce it that there would be an incident happening in game like "n" days from the start.that way people that really care will have the opportunity to be there in time.
The 5th wave of the beta and they are taking it that seriously? That is pretty lame.
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