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Default Problem with geforce2 mx 400 and the drivers

When I got my new computer about a year ago, I noticed that no dos programs wanted to run. Even the dos prompt wouldn't work in full-screen. This seemed like a display issue, so I got a older version of the driver pack from my roommate and installed that - lo and behold, dos programs would now work again.
However, I began to notice display artifacts in my 3d games. Most notibly, texture alpha blending didn't seem to be working right, so that textured objects had very hard edges. So when I saw that there was a newer version of the drivers available, I downloaded and installed them. Unfortunately, this brought back the dos problem.
So I tried to uninstall the drivers and go back to the older ones again. I first tried this by removing the mx 400 from the device manager, but Windows just automatically reinstalled it each time. Then I figured out that you have to remove it via the add/remove programs dialog (which might I add is incredibly unorthodox). However, when I installed the older ones again, I got an error that Windows (wich btw is Windows 98 SE) couldn't detect them and it made me reinstall the newer ones again! Help!

I have one other quick question. Is the geforce2 mx 400 supposed to support texture alpha blending (as alluded to above), or is it just incapable of it?
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