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Default Re: working good - but no 32bit

Originally posted by icon001
Made all the changes and everything works, boots and runs fine - but for some reason beyond my limited knowledge I cannot run in 32bit mode. 8,16,24 are no issue
But trying 32bit mode the system returns an error saying the "nvidia" drivers don''t support this mode.
I even tried running the XF86Config scripts both text and graphical and neither one offers me the option of using 32bit modes...?
That's because depth 32 visuals do not exist. Older XFree86 (up to 3.X) had a depth 32 visual which was actually a depth 24 visual with a different bits per pixel.

XFree86 4 supports the same modes as 3.X did, only it does so in a more sensible way. "depth" refers to the number of bits of active color information. This value is one of 1/2/4/8/15/16/24 There is no such thing as 32 bit color . The bit width of a pixel on the other hand, is now refered to as "fbbpp", and is 8/16/24/32 depending on the mode and visual.

Just remove the 32 depth subsection and it will work fine, and it will work just as you want it to.
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