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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

Madoron, the AI is nothing spectacular as previously noted. It's no better or worse then EQ1, or WoW. Yet those games run great. And while EQ2 definatly looks spectacular from a Technical standpoint, it's ART and Consistancy is SERIOUSLY lacking. But hey that's subjective. EQ2's got plenty of flashy special effects (that are poorly executed) but the textures and models are absolute crap from an Art direction point of view. I've played EQ1, DAOC, UO, WoW, and EQ2. EQ2 has by far the worst art i've ever seen in an MMO. WoW is the best looking MMO i've ever played. It's low poly but it fits the theme, and is executed superbly. The art is spectacular and the use of color is just wonderful. From a technical standpoint it's not that impressive, but at the same time they did ALOT with a little. And for this they have 2 million subscbiers vrs 300k. WoW really is a better game.

Art is very subjective though, so it's only an opinion, not a fact. Though the subsciber numbers speak for themselves. And i still stand by my comment that EQ2 does not look Good enough to warrent it's piss poor performance. It looks good, but not enough to drop a Dual core sli 7800 machine to it's knees, and though I havent seen performance numbers for such a machine, I have no doubt that EQ2 will own it. And not because it needs that much power.

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