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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

Eq2 has been patching their textures in their main content patches since the last couple months. The 2 last highlevel outdoor zones look sick. I guess the debate is over subjective things like shoyuld dreary areas really look dreary, when there are a vast majority of dreary areas in a game based on the end of the world. It's just design. I mean if the area is supposed to be bland and depressing then it ends up getting users feeling bland and depressed. Thats fundementally one of eq2's problems. Things like this art wise they have been redoing and patching for a few months. As content focused as eq2 is, there needs to be more variety in the landscapes in each zone. This way your not always feeling the same way. MMO art tends to relay an expression upon its users. A fun and playful looking enviornment creates a fun and playful atmosphere which users relate to. Sometimes developers tend to forget that art is an expression and just like any other forms of expression it tranfers over to the people either participating or witnessing it. A sad feeling enviornment will make you eventually feel sad, especially if your into rpg's. EQ2 was designed more as an artform then as a mmo of social engineering. They wanted their areas to to look like what their story lore suggested they were. Thus you get alot of the users commenting on the bland dreary stale color schemese etc etc. I think that the art team forgot what art actually does to people whom witness it. I do believe that as more content patches come out and more expansions and as the world grows that alot of this will be situated and fixed. EQ2's particle system and texture /database systems are really what owns computers. Performance in the game has definatly increased for nv users in the gf6/7 line though thats for sure.
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