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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
I just go to bear form, immediately. Slowly wear the warrior Down. A warrior has to kill me at least 3 times. Even with Mortal Strike.

Build up 100 Rage, ((Easy with a warrior on you)) ---> Click Frenzied Regeneration. 1 rage = 20 HP (10 rage at a time 200 Health regenerated every 1 second)) ((2,000 free HP in bear Form) ----> Tank some more ---> Low On HP, ---> Caster --> Nature's Swiftness ---> Healing Touch ((Instant 2,500 HP) + Rejuv, additional 900)) ((both instant casts)) ---> Pop Back into bear. --> Outlast again. --> Bash. 5 Second Stun. --> Pop Out, Cast Regrowth + Rejuvenation 3,000 HP Heal over times)) While stunned.

And usually a warrior just cant outlive my 3 lives. And if I'm smart. I can usually bash a 2nd time since its a 60 second timer. Mortal Strike can make things annoying but usually I can manage it. Add to the fact that druid mana regenerates while in forms. I dont have much trouble with warriors in duels. But duels just mean nothing to me.
I hear ya, duels are just for fun and a great way to get to know other classes for PVPing. I have lost more time to druids than I have won but I haven't lost to a druid who used bear form. I also don't use mortal strikes or my other urber talents when dueling. They have a 20 minute cool down. When I fight a caster I sheild bash them to death so they can't cast spells and regen health. That is the key to dueling casters. Then I pull out my polearm and it usually takes 5 hits and they go down.
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