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It seems we can already have 3D under NetBSD using NVIDIA!
"We've had reports of the driver working on alpha, ppc, and the x86 family of processors. It should be workable on any unix-like environment that runs XFree86."

It's slower than DRI but it doesn't depend on the OS, just X.

"I just tested the linux quake 3 binary under NetBSD on a PII-400. It's running at ~40 fps in 1024x768x16."

It's more compatible, but slower:
"[...]the DRI modules only support hardware acceleration for "direct" clients, whereas Utah-GLX only has "indirect" client support. On the one hand, this means that Utah-GLX is slower. But on the bright side, this means it is more compatible."

"I have a Geforce DDR in my old system and I get about 25 FPS in Q3 with Utah GLX. On my new box, I have a G450 with DRI and can pull 40 FPS. DRI is cool :-) "

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