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Originally Posted by energyman76b
please be patient with nvidia.

It does hardly be profitable to spport the few nvidia-users (and without some big costumers demanding drivers there would be none for linux too), and netbsd is even a smaller basis...

maybe as soon as netbsd is used by some hollywood studios...
NetBSD has even better potential for embedded. Think about game consoles.
The BSD license is friendlier for manufacturers who want to be able to merge code when needed without fearing for their trade secrets.

Playstation Portable license mentions NetBSD code

Known products based on NetBSD, not updated

White Paper: Linux or BSD: Which Unix is Best for Embedded Applications?

And if you search for "NetBSD code" here:

you'll find that QNX, Playstation Portable, Novell Groupwise and the PS2 Game "XIII" contain NetBSD code.

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