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'embedded' is totally and completly different from 'rendering farms'

Even if netbsd is nice for ovens, washing machines and dryers, what does that say about its usefullness as a graphics-workstation?

also, 'embedded' products, like freezer-control, microwave-ovens, or set-top boxes usually do not need any graphics capability execept displaying some numbers on small lcds.
So, when NetBSD is first choice for embedded products, there are even less reasons, to give it great graphics capabilities...

Besides the 'friendly' bsd-license also means, that if you help BSD, all you competitors will have advantages.. and do not have to give anything back.

BSD is a scientific license.. made to make it able to built upon, and the GPL was made, to keep free, what is made free.

Do you see the difference?


game consoles are totally different.. but ever seen one with net-bsd?
I have not, ans there will bne some reasons, why nobody uses it for gc.. maybe, because it is almost as slow, as openbsd? Or almost as friendly?)
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