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I was speaking about how NetBSD portable code and friendly license has brought their code to both hardware and software. Of course I didn't meant for a gaming console to use NetBSD as a whole, but they can take code and use it, and so they've done mostly with its TCP/IP stack.

Of course an OS is more than just its TCP/IP stack, I just meant to show you that the NetBSD user base *for the code* is not that small.

As of the userbase *for the OS*, which is the one that matters most in terms of getting support from NVIDIA, it's smaller but has been growing well after NetBSD 2.0 .

Performance is better than FreeBSD 5.x for single-processor machines and is more considered this days as a desktop alternative than ever before.

But if the point of NVIDIA support for Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris is "rendering farms", then I understand why NetBSD isn't supported. SMP works better in FreeBSD than in NetBSD, and other possible rendering farm architectures like MIPS already have their own graphic boards (SGI).

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