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Default Re: wow undead warlock help?

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
You have trouble with Paladins as a priest? Say it with me. "Mana Burn for the Win"

Dispel their seals, And mana burn them. They will not live long without mana. And they do no damage without their seals.
When a paladin can heal completely with only a few mana points, it's rather frustrating.

Anyway, I did kill a 60 paladin and 60 rogue the other day all by myself. I am a shadow priest, so I hit silence just as the poor paladin started to cast a healing spell, then mind blasted FTW. I can't say this was a huge achievement because the two I killed were gold farmers who are always at Tyr's Hand on the Spinebreaker server. Gold farmers seldom pose much of a pvp problem.
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