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Default People Suck

I typically don't make threads and when I do they're typically short. This won't be the exception, it'll be typically typical.

People suck. Predominantly the people who play WoW [though all people everywhere suck too]. Have any of you bothered to venture into the Real Life Plague Lands, also known as the WoW forums? It's COMPLETELY filled with mouth breathers bitching about their class. I've played just about every class now [not a warlock] and they've all got their strengths. But there are threads, with 100s of pages, of people bitching about how the druid is nerfed? The ****ing druid nerfed? My druid has never lost a duel, and he's fought people 3-4 lvls higher than him. The Shaman a horrible class? Are you kididng me, their one of the best classes in the game. Mages agro to much? They do the most DPS in the game, OF COURSE THEY'RE GONNA AGRO ALOT. If you didn't have stupid ass warriors who insist on breserker stancing with 2Hs, it wouldn't be a huge problem in the first place.

Anyway I'm cutting this short since I can rant on for a good while. I just wanted to say that people suck. That piece of assware that's installed inbetween the monitor and the chair needs to be RMAed.
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