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Default switching distros on a server is braindead easy

Well, for some maybe.


Well that was interesting. I grew tired of having this server running Fedora. I've been long interested in doing either a Debian or a Gentoo installation.

Needless to say either proposition involved some intensive bandwidth to get the system up and running as I preferred. Some mulling went about in my mind, and I settled on Debian and here's why:

Binaries, no need for software compiling. The source built binaries may have been faster but really...this is a server not a supercomputer grid.

apt-get is incredibly fast. Yes, so is emerge, and yes dependencies are handled just as well in portage. What I like about it better though is the same type of automated process Debian has that some other distro's have in their UI wizards.

How did I do it? Simple actually. On my Mac I have this handy program called "CocoaMySQL". It's a carbon application for OSX that is probably the best UI driven SQL client. You simply click on File->export and save the database dump for the forums. I already have my webserver root on a seperate HD from the system root directory, so I didn't need to back that up. All I really needed to backup was the database content itself.

I then downloaded the "net-inst" cd image for Debian Sarge. It walked me through a very easy and straightforward installation process. I then booted to my freshly installed debian system and it asked me about packages. I picked out the webserver role for insallation but it hadn't picked out the mysql or php packages for me. Fortunately, apt-cache search and apt-get install came to the rescue as I quickly honed in on the mysql and php packages. For some reason or the other php was configured for apache 1.3 instead of apache2. What ended up happening was that my web browser would simply download any php files rather than process them as scripts on the server.

Suspecting I got the wrong packages I did an apt-cache search for mysql and php and concluded I needed to install these packages with the following.

apt-get install libapache2-mod-php4 phpmyadmin

I then made sure that php and mysql were properly configured in their respective configuration files. My next step was to restore the database. Once mysql was configured with the appropriate remote user access simply using the "import" function from cocoamysql, the forums were restored and all was well again.

Linux migration really was pretty easy long as it's to another linux.
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Let's see, 5 minutes to download the netinst cd, 2 minutes to burn cd, 1.5 minutes to reboot from cd, 3 minutes to boot from cd, 7 minutes of wizards, 5 minutes of downloading/installing, 20 minutes of configuring/installing/troubleshooting, about another 5 minutes to get the database restored....48.5 minutes roughly. Maybe an hour overall it seemed.
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