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Default Re: EQ2: Splitpaw Adv Pak

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Thats good to hear. Its really tempting to return to EQ 2 from WoW. But honestly.. I dont think I'll be any happier in EQ 2 than I am WoW. Its just a grass is greener syndrome. Neither game have sufficient end game content to really excite me right now.

I try not rush to endgame...truth is I dont have time to play MMORPG like I did when I was playing UO and EQ1..and raiding into the wee hours of night trying to to do ToV and Xegony.

I play maybe 5 nights a week for about 2 hours a night..more on weekends..compared to EQ1...that is nothing. But the time I do get to play I feel I enjoy because i can accomplish many things whether it be tradeskills, or quests, or alts going through new content that was added to the lower level zones I missed first time.

I have not even raided in EQ2 guild has...but I have no desire, not right now anyway. EQ1 burnt me out from raiding and playing a cleric ever again..LOL

Right now I am in a tight family casual guild in EQ2 and I really enjoy it a lot more then the hardcore guilds raid everyday at 7 pm est and people always out for themseleves back in EQ1 days.
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