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Question stereoscopic mode in Linux

I'm running Linux on a box with an Asus V7700-series (GeForce2 GTS) video card. The video card includes a set of LCD shutter-goggles for stereoscopic video and I'd like to use them to do some volume visualization.

Unfortunately, it appears that they are not yet supported under Linux. I'm running driver v2960.

When I call:
I get "GLUT: Fatal Error in vis: visual with necessary capabilities not found". Without the GLUT_STEREO flag it works fine.

I'm assuming my only good option is just to wait until this is supported in the Linux drivers. Any hope of that ever happening?

I've also noticed that the shutter-glasses flicker when plugged in to the video card, even if the stereo mode is not enabled. Perhaps I can just render to two separate buffers and swap them? I've been playing with this, but I've had trouble with synchronization...


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