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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by Vagrant Zero
I do it all the time with my druid. Take out their minions then just rape the warlock. If he hurts you heal.
There's so many strategies for a lock against a druid I'm not going to bother to name them all. Basicly, if I have my felhunter out, the druid is going to have a hard enough time getting spell locked and his buffs all eaten up, plus the fact that I'll probably be siphoning life from you while simultaneously draining your mana. And then theres all the dots . . immolate, curse of tongues, and of course curse of agony. I prefer CoT against casters . . more time for me to tear them apart. And if I nightfall . . hehehe . . . well it'll be over quick my friend(nightfall is if corruption or drain life procs, then I get an instant cast shadow bolt). The fact is that you hafta to deal with both of us, which can be a lot of people's downfall. Most people tend to ignore our pets which can be to their benefit . . or not depending on the situation. Like any class, if we get the jump on you, its pretty much over from the start.

The class as it is right now has a lot of problems with it, but its extremely fun to play when you get the hang of it. Soul shards are a biatch, no real defensive ability against melee classes is even worse(fear DOES NOT count), and the fact that blizzard seems to blatantly ignore all of our real issues and only concern themselves with the demonology tree(which needed a lot of work anyway, but still). I enjoy it because its a challenge to play. I suppose I had to trade a bit of power for the uniqueness of the class, but I'm fine with that.
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