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Unhappy Slack 8.1 & Driver 1.0-4191: total freeze

Hello all,
I tried to install the new nvdriver 1.0-4191 on my Slack8.1 box, but although i configured the XF86Config file, removed
all the old NVdriver occurrences in modules.conf file.
When i try to start the Xfree server i get a blank screen and my system freeze!!!!

I use the:
-kernel 2.4.19
-XFree 4.2.0

And I have a:
-GeForce II Mx200 AGP
-Abit KT7aRaid AGP 4x Motherboard
-Athlon Thunderbird 1 Ghz

I tried everything, like disable the agp support or use the Nv AGP, or the simple AGPgart, but the result was the same, i get a blank screen and my sys freeze...
The nvdriver was correctly installed and running i suppose, like the glx...
I hope that someone have resolved these this problem.....
Thanks to all and sorry for my poor English!!!
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