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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Why are you using curses against a druid..? Thats like using magic dots against a priest...

Ummm . . I'm a warlock so what other tactic should I use?? Believe it or not it doesn't matter whether the curse gets cured or not . . they become so preoccupied with getting rid of what I put on them(I still got corruption, siphon life, immolate, nightfall SBs, drain life, etc . .)that before they know it they are dry of mana and I'm at full hp and mana quickly draining them till death. And if I decide to go with a bit of demonology . . well . . . fel dom an instant succubus and seduce if they get antsy. I'm not saying I will beat a druid everytime . . because like unlike most classes, in PvP we are purely circumstantial. If I have the right pet out(i.e. a felhunter), then I could take on perhaps any caster type including a druid. Voidwalker? Imp? Kind of at a loss there . . I could demonic sacrifice one of them for their respective bonuses . . or voidwalker sac, but that will not give me any true advantage. But I'm mostly affliction so you'll probably only see me with either a succ or felhunter. I like the fel since he has a decent amount of hp, mid range as far as damage is concerned, and has a good sized mana pool for dark pacting if necessary. Suc is for if I just wanna plow threw mobs with no down time. Fel is if I'm takin some higher lvl mobs and need a bit of a better tank, or if I'm fighting casters. Like I said, the majority of our abilities is reliant on the pet we have out at the moment. Including, some of our defensive abilities which is a bit of problem since if we don't happen to have that void sac, or succ seduce . . we gotta rely on a 1.5 second cast fear, or 2 second cast aoe fear HoT. We don't have a single instant cast defensive ability to call our own. And the only problem is, Blizz is focusing on the demon tree, which needed help in its own right yes, but wtf happened to the soul shard bag, the promised defensive ability, the solution to pet pathing issues(hunter problem as well, though it hurts us more since we lose shards)? They are basically telling us that we have to invest 25 some points into a talent tree that 'might' give us some sort of viable defense. Why the hell do we HAVE to be forced into a tree while other classes get their abilities as bought spells, not baring what talent tree they have specced at all? Kinda takes the uniqueness out of the talent trees if you force everybody in that class into that tree doesn't it? sigh . . . . .

Man, you kinda got me going there. Oh well. /end rant.
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