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Question Backup Card "Need help picking"

I've got to grab a backup agp card.
I thought I had a old tnt2 but cannot find
it so I've got to grab something.

I want the most bang for the buck.
I was looking though neweggs refurbs
that I've had great luck with.

Here is what I can get for the $.

9600XT = 70.00
9800Pro = 95.00
GFFX 5900 = 96.00
FX 5700 or 5750= 80.00
XGI V8-256 = 81.00
GF - 6600 -256= 119.00

Input please. If you see a better card
for the money please let me know.

Out of those listed above what will
net me the best performance for the $?

I'm selling parts getting ready for a new
built SLI system but I need a hold over card.
My 6800GT is already sold.
Compaq Presario CQ60-215DX
AMD 64 Athlon X2 @ 2GHz (QL62)
15.6 inch HD WideScreen
Nvidia 8200M-G 895mb
2Gig system ram
250Gig SATA 5400rpm HDrive
Vista Premium
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