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Default Re: Well back to EQ 2 for now.

Wow lost it's luster really fast after lvl 60, even with battlefield. You can only play the few high end instances so many times(me being twice and bored silly after that). And again, my biggest complaint about wow is the community.

I'm also back to eq2. Really a better game imo. I just like the atmosphere, music and art better I guess. Draws me in to my charater more. Also, I think they really have polished up the game a lot since the last time i played a few months ago. Seems to run a bit better and it just seems more user friendly overall for some odd reason. I'll play month to month for now.

BTW, i seem to be running decent with 6xaa/16xaf, 1280x1064, textures at max and the rests at high. Sliders very from option to option though and are really still just set to that old guide that was going around at the beginnig of launch.
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