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Default Re: Geforce FX5200 TwinView help!

Looking at the README is seems you only have to enter
ConnectedMonitor "CRT, DFP"
ConnectedMonitor "DFP, CRT"

Remember, that when using twinview, you share a unified framebuffer between both devices (allowing drags and drops between screens), and you get the benefits of OpenGL acceleration on both displays, but I find you might want a secondary X config file to go back to plain device1 LeftOf device2 configuration for some OpenGL apps and games. Certain screensavers and applications try to span (not so gracefully) even with nVidia's Xinerama extension.

Once you get TwinView working, backup the XFree86/Xorg config file to lets say "XF86Conf.twinview" or "xorg.twinview", then make another config file like "XF86Conf.dualview" or "xorg.dualview", then copy over your XF86Conf/xorg.conf file with these two files before starting X to switch modes. You can also configure a TV, then back the configuration file up to another xorg/XF86Conf file, etc... so you can switch between locations and modes with relative ease.

Hope that helps.
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