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Default Re: sata problem on SuSE 9.2

Originally Posted by bluefrog
I have 2 x 160Gb Western Digital Raid Edition 1600SD (7200rpm,8mb) SATA

and SUSE 9.3 didn't recognise them either.

Has anybody else tried an install using 9.3 on any SATA disks?

I've emailed to see if I can get any joy.

I simply cannot understand how they could have released 9.3
without support for sata disks, when they've been around for so long!

It's actually a kernel issue, 9.2 uses the 2.6.8 kernel.

However, if you can't get it to work on 9.3, which uses the 2.6.11 kernel I would have to question that it's a kernel issue.

I know that in Gentoo, Fedora, and Arch, Sata just plum does not work on 2.6.8 but it does on .11

Very strange.
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