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Default Re: Nvidia GeForce 5950 Ultra Headache

I have a 5950 Ultra (one of the early double big fat b*st*rds) and it is overclocked at 560/1.04 and I idle at about 37'C, which is 98.6' F. Something may be wrong with the fan on the card or that your tower doesn't have proper air flow/cooling. I'll play a game here in a minute and post a pic like you did while in game.

EDIT: Okay, here are my temps. The first is my idle temp and the second is my temp after playing Call of Duty for about 30 minutes. Mind you, the game video options are maxed and my card is set at 4xAA/8xAF on High Quality. I couldn't alt-tab out of the game, so I had to quit it and the original temp showed 51'C, but in the second it took me to hit Print Screen, it dropped to the 49'C.


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