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  • Gaim 1.4.0:
  • Fix system log start times for some protocols
  • SILC compiles with newer SILC toolkit versions (Pekka Riikonen)
  • Fixed a bug where buddy icon cache files were left in the icon cache directory after they were no longer in use.
  • Attempt to detect the file type of a buddy icon when saving.
  • Additional Yahoo! boot protection (Peter Lawler)
  • A few Yahoo! memory leaks plugged (Peter Lawler)
  • Fixed handling of the new Yahoo! profile page. (Joshua Honeycutt, Peter Lawler)
  • Fixed localized Yahoo! room lists. Please refer to the Yahoo! section of the Gaim FAQ for details. (Peter Lawler)
  • Enabled sending files to ICQ users using ICQ 5.02 and newer (Jonathan Clark)
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